IOF Height Adjustable Tables

IOF Height Adjustable Tables are available in a number of configurations, sizes, and finishes.

Ergonomic experts everywhere agree the option of a sit-stand can make individuals more productive and efficient over long periods. Giving your staff the tools they need to be successful includes providing a comfortable and creative work environment.

1- Happiness Quotient
83% of participants reported feeling happier, less stressed after switching to sit-stand.
2- Reduced Aches & Pains
Changing to a sit-stand desk can reduce chronic pain by as much as 54% which can improve productivity, reduce neck and upper back physical discomforts and generate other health benefits.
3- Increased Motivation
Participants felt more motivated, focused and comfortable at work leading to an increase of overall work productivity.
4- Longer Life
Studies have shown by reducing sitting at work and combining a healthy lifestyle, there can be an estimated life expectancy gain, of up to two years.


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