Fireproof Security Cabinets

A fire is devastating for any business. Store your assets confidently. Store files with Fireproof Security Cabinets.

Take a moment and think about the items that are most important to your business — items that would be hard or impossible to replace, like sensitive paperwork and important files. From critical tax paperwork to payroll documents to licensing agreements, these crucial items are too important not to protect. Are you safeguarding these items like you should? The same is also true of your home office — when considering personal items like insurance policies, birth certificates, passports or priceless mementos, why would you ever leave the safety of those objects to chance? What are you doing to protect your valuables? It’s time to look into FireKing office products.

offer a wide array of security-boosting office products: fireproof file cabinets, fireproof storage cabinets, fire- and water-resistant safes, record safes, fire and water chests, data safes, specialty safes and cash and key management tools. All of these office products are designed to help you store important information and objects in a way that keeps them insulated from harm. Whether it’s files in fireproof cabinets or on-site cash in business rated safes, we’ve got security products that give you extra protection.

We offer design layout services, and site measurements to assist you with planning your space!

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