Planning & Design

The Process

Whether you’re looking at new office space, increasing your existing space or re-configuring your existing offices to gain more space, we can provide you with plans for an efficient and productive office space. Our professional designers will work with you to help determine your needs, goals, budget and the most effective method of accomplishing your objectives.

We provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs. We’ll make arrangements to conduct a site measurement, in order to prepare a “base building” drawing. Having completed a needs analysis of your company, we will then develop workspace standards for private offices, workstations, etc. and “footprints” for space requirements in order to achieve an overall space plan that includes furnishings. Solutions for growth and expansion will be incorporated into the plan to provide an efficient work environment that supports various work functions, is cost effective and accommodates future change.

AutoCAD™ drawings, an industry standard, will then be provided to you with illustrations that document, but are not limited to, these aspects: Interior Partitions, Furniture Layout, Furniture Panel Systems, Panel System Electrical Components , Filing Systems and Common Areas. We will also provide you with recommendations for electrical wiring, data and outlet locations.

CAD Drawings Floor Plan


Additional Design Services:


If you need to make room in your existing facility for more staff, our designers can help make your space more effective. Based on your needs, re-configuring your space may increase the total number of employees that your space can accommodate. If your organization also experiences frequent change, you can count on us to help you through it. Our designers can provide you with plans and layouts for any reconfiguration and our experienced installers can dismantle your furnishings and set it back up again fast – so that you can attend to the business at hand.

Colour Selection and Finishes

Colours, patterns and textures may not be our first priority but their contribution to the overall ambience of the work environment shouldn’t be underestimated. While the number of choices available can make choosing finishes seem like an overwhelming task, our expert designers can assist you in making choices that will be sure to please you, your team and your clients. We also realize the the importance of incorporating health and comfort factors such as lighting, ergonomics, green objectives, and of course, still meet all necessary safety regulations. We welcome the opportunity to help you make smart design choices for your work environment.

Furniture Specifications

We ensure that the consistency of the design objective is supported by the furniture proposed for your project. In addition, new furnishings are selected to complement any existing furnishings that will be reused in your space. Our extensive product knowledge and negotiation skills guarantee the appropriate product selection at the best market price.

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